Four-Leaf LED Garage Lights
Four-Leaf LED Garage Lights
Four-Leaf LED Garage Lights
Four-Leaf LED Garage Lights
Four-Leaf LED Garage Lights
Four-Leaf LED Garage Lights
Four-Leaf LED Garage Lights
Four-Leaf LED Garage Lights
Four-Leaf LED Garage Lights
Four-Leaf LED Garage Lights
Four-Leaf LED Garage Lights

Four-Leaf LED Garage Lights

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Color: White(60W)
Product description
    • One of the leading causes of accidents in garages & shops is slipping and falling due to lack of proper lighting. Not only is low lighting dangerous, it's very frustrating.  This Ultra-Bright LED light is the solution to lighting up your garage, shop, or anywhere else you need more lighting without special wiring or expensive power bills.


      LED Garage Lights is the newest & the most perfect replacement for conventional fluorescence bulbs which are dim and unsafe. Designed with 192 high-quality LED diodes to provide powerful lighting in any area.


      Long Life : 50,000 Hours
      Lighting power: 60W ( 6000 lumens) / 100W ( 10,000 lumens) 

      • 👉Deformable DesignLED panel heads can be adjusted, each light head can be folded up to 90°. The maximum coverage angle can reach 360°, This will make the light cover a wide area.The lighting is adjustable so that you can angle the LEDs to shine where you want them
      • 👉Super Bright 60 / 100W, 9600Lumens, 6000K Cold light,no dark areas, ghosting or glare. Garage led Ceiling Light throws out an amazing amount of light, unique wide-angle design, bring best lighted area. High lumens output makes this garage led light perfect for garage, warehouse, basement, barn, office, station, Attic, workshop, display area etc
      • 👉【Durable & Long Service Life】Premium Aluminum alloy heat dissipated, high-temperature resistant, along with the hollow-out structure greatly improved cooling efficiency for maximum performance and over 50,000 hours of constant runtime.This 60W Garage Light can replace a 300W traditional halogen bulb, maintenance costs are greatly reduced
      • 👉【Install as Bulb, More Advanced than Bulb】The installation was as easy as screwing in a standard lightbulb-E26/E27: Plug and Play. No more need fluorescent light tubes and ballasts. Which is the closest light to sunlight inside your home you can get!


      Question: What voltage does it use? Can it be used in my country/region?

      Answer: Three-Leaf Garage Light™ is multi-volt and is compatible for all 110/120V & 220/240V regions, such as North America, Europe, Asia.

      Question: Does it come in BC 22mm format/bayonet fitting?

      Answer: No, only Edison screw type E26/E27 is available, however an adapter can easily be purchased at hardware stores.

      Question: How many lumens is it rated at?

      Answer: 6500 lumens~12,000 lumens.

      Question: How long does it last?

      Answer: Quabright™ LED Garage Lights is rated for a long lifespan of 50,000 hours, providing reliable light output for years.

      Question: What is the color temperature?

      Answer: 6000K (white light).

      Question: What\'s the energy usage?

      Answer: Quabright™ LED Garage Lights draws from 60W to 100W- about the same as a typical incandescent light bulb.


        Power: 60W
        Lumen: 6500LM
        Light color: 6000K Daylight
        Suitable for: indoor special lighting
        LED: Super Bright LED Module
        Life: 50000h
        Material: Aeronautical Aluminum
        Base Type: E26/E27 medium base
        Adjustable Angle:90°
        Package includes: 1 x Deformable LED Garage Light
        Model size: three deformable LED Garage Light / four deformable LED Garage Light
        Color: Black / White (The color of the white model is between white and silver.)

        1.This bulb is not waterproof,so outdoor use is not allowed.
        2.This lights is high brightness , for protecting your eye against hurt of excessive light. Do not stare the light close and long time