Deodorant Sewer Drain Pipe
Deodorant Sewer Drain Pipe

Deodorant Sewer Drain Pipe

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Style: C(32mm)
Product description


  • Elastic material: Our products are made of soft plastic material with good elasticity. It is not easy to be stepped on, and it can be restored to its original shape even if it is crushed.
  • Arbitrary bending: According to the actual installation situation, it can be bent arbitrarily to solve the problem of small space and unable to install.
  • Excellent drainage design: The design of large pipe diameter can discharge a large flow of water, and it is not easy to accumulate water.
  • Good airtightness: With sufficient space, U-shaped bends can be used to form a pipeline water seal, which serves as a third odor barrier, which is more conducive to blocking odors.
  • Convenient installation: It can be easily completed according to the installation instructions, suitable for installation in hotels, apartments, residences and other environments.
  • Installation Notes


  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: C/F
  • Telescopic length: 90/40cm
  • Size:32/45mm


  • 1 × Deodorant Sewer Drain Pipe