Glass Buffing Lint Free Towel

Size: 25x25 cm (4pcs)
25x25 cm (4pcs)
40x30 cm (4pcs)
Product description

 Powerful and quick to remove dirt. It can absorb dust,
particles or liquid 7 times its own weight. 

Easy to Clean
The wipes have incredible self-cleaning capability,
which is convenient and time-saving. cleaning liquid
to remove the stains on its surface.

No Traces
Rigorous dyeing process,so that it will not cause
the problem of discoloration and pollution when
cleaning the surface of the article,
and Protect your beloved furniture.


Rich Size
The larger size saves effort and
easily removes large areas of stains. Two sizes are
available to meet the daily cleaning of the household.

Tableware and kitchen utensils and countertops

The strong water absorption capacity helps to dry immediately
to prevent the growth of bacteria. Without leaving
 AND protecting kitchen utensils as new.
The large size allows faster cleaning of large areas.

Product specification:
Product Weight : 25X25cm: 35g / 30X40cm: 48g

Product Size : 25X25cm / 30X40cm
Package includes:
4pcs   25X25cm  or 4pcs 30X40cm