Homemade Conchiglioni Board

Homemade Conchiglioni Board

Homemade Conchiglioni Board

Product description

Turn the Gnocchi into Conchiglioni in Seconds! Serve your family fresh, healthy homemade pasta with our gorgeous multipurpose conchiglioni board. 

This Homemade Conchiglioni Board is easy to use. You can create four different texture of pasta, so you will never run out of italian dish idea.


  • Ridges Texture and Non-Stick: A board that will help you to produce italian pasta and add texture to it to blend more with the sauce.

  • Four Pasta Texture: This pasta board has four different textures for you to create different styles of Italian pasta dishes. 

  • Easy to use: Put the processed small dough on the panel, add a light pressure using your thumb and push across the ridges.
  • Hanging Hole: It comes with hanging hole for you to easily store and save space on your kitchen.

Material: ABS Plastic
Color: Yellow
Size: 15cm in Diameter

1 x Homemade Conchiglioni Board