Rivet Gun Nutsert Caps (20 PCS)
Rivet Gun Nutsert Caps (20 PCS)

Rivet Gun Nutsert Caps (20 PCS)

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Product description

Riveting is a cheap alternative to welding and metal adhesives. These Rivet Gun Head & Nutsert Caps provide an EASIEST, WELDING-FREE & COST-EFFECTIVE fastening way.

Works for various materials including steel, plastic, fiberglass and more. Widely used in the assembly of automotive, furniture, decoration, aviation, railway, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, any electrical and light industrial products.FEATURES:

  • Effortless Riveting: Rivet nut has a large flange to provide increased strength in punched and drilled holes. Knurled body provides higher resistance to spin out when installed in soft materials.

  • No welding of nuts is required!
  • Universal Nuts: Suits any electric rivet guns.
  • For Most Surfaces: Rivet nuts can be tightly installed in different kinds of materials including steel, plastic, fiberglass, sheet metal and more.
  • Premium Material: Rivet nuts are made of carbon steel, which is rust-resistant and corrosion resistant for high durability. Anti-oxidation Zinc plated surface helps prevent damages and fades.

  • Wide Application: Riveting gun head is convenient for constructing greenhouses, fastening metal sheets, gutters, number plates, metal roofing and more. The rivet nuts are widely used in automotive, furniture, decoration and other electrical/ industrial products.

  • Materia: Carbon Steel, Zinc Plated


  • 20 x Nutsert Caps