V-shaped Drain Seal Ring
V-shaped Drain Seal Ring
V-shaped Drain Seal Ring
V-shaped Drain Seal Ring
V-shaped Drain Seal Ring
V-shaped Drain Seal Ring
V-shaped Drain Seal Ring

V-shaped Drain Seal Ring

$30.97 $14.97
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V-shaped Drain Seal Ring

V-shaped Drain Seal Ring

$30.97 $14.97
Product description


Having a tough time tracking down the awful smell from kitchen sink? Found cockroaches coming out of the drains? All you need is a V-shaped Drain Seal Ring!

The V-shaped Drain Seal Ring is your best solution! It can help you get rid of drain odor and insects living in drains at the same time! The v-shaped design allows faster drain flow. It will automatically close when there is no water flow, protecting your home from bugs, stinky smell or wastewater flowing back.

It is made of premium silicone with high flexibility and durability. You can apply it to every drain in your home, including those in bathroom, laundry, toilet, kitchen, etc. Install it without any tool! Say goodbye to unpleasant odor!  


  • No More Backflow
    With its automatic closing design, it can prevent the wastewater flowing backward. Anti-water leakage and overflow

  • Smooth Drainage
    Designed in v-cup shape to speed up the water flow, ensuring smoother draining.

  • Anti-odor
    Smell sewer gas in your home not only smells gross, but also it can harm your health! Longer sealing area allows better closing effect. The silicone ring is the best nemesis to the stinky smell.

  • Get Rid of Bugs
    Cockroaches and drain flies are living inside your pipes! Cover every drain with the ring and stop insects from coming up the drain.

  • Wide Applications
    Suitable for different types of drains, including floor drains, drains for washing machines, sink drains in your toilet, bathroom, laundry and kitchen. 

  • Quality Silicone Material
    Made of silicone with high quality, which is highly durable, making it more long-lasting.
  • Universal
    Super flexible and stretchable, being universal to most of the drain holes in different families.
  • Easy to Apply
    Install the seal ring to the drain by few simple steps. No tools needed!


  • Material: Silicone, Stainless Steel
  • Size as below:


  • 1 x Stainless Steel Filter
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Ring
  • 1 x V-shaped Silicone Body